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6/1 Ice Ribbon/19 Pro Results

Ice Ribbon ran their usual Wednesday event today, which also served as a special event to commemorate the 1st anniversary of 19 Pro Wrestling. Results from the Ice Ribbon School:
They claimed 68 paid. The event also aired live on the 19 Pro Ustream channel.
Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi beat International Ribbon Tag Team Champions Emi Sakura & Ray in 12:25 to retain the titles. Hoshi & Miyagi become the 16th International Ribbon Tag Team Champions. (Hoshi wins titles for the 2nd time) Miyagi pinned Ray.

In a special exhibition match, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Makoto vs. Hikaru Shida & Saki Asai (performing as [I believe] characters from a TV series) went to a 10 minute time limit draw.

Chii Tomiya beat IW19 Singles Champion Hikari Minami in 8:48 to win the title. Tomiya becomes the 3rd IW19 Singles Champion. Well that was fast-Minami’s reign lasted all of just 4 days. And Tomiya finally has a singles title to her name…if you don’t count a previous DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title reign that is (haha). But she wasted no time in using the champion’s right to name the next challenger for the title-Makoto. Per title rules Makoto was required to accept the title shot and she did (if designated the next challenger by the champ you can’t refuse it), so the match is set. That will happen on the 6/24 episode of 19 Pro.

  1. LC Workman
    06/01/2011 at 11:37 am

    The TV series that Hikaru Shida and Saki Asai were performing as are from the TV series “Muscle Girl”. The series also features cameos from noteable joshi wrestlers.

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