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All-Japan News: TARU & Hirai Updates

A few minutes ago, Daily Sports posted the latest update on the happenings in All-Japan, namely comments from TARU in a brief interview this morning Japan time (the article has been re-posted by SportsNavi). Loosely translated version:

Have participated to all the Japanese professional wrestling freely, [budou] [madazu] to which [heito] belongs super [heito] thing Hirai Noboru harmony (41) concerning after the playing of 5.29 Kobe conference receiving operation with the hematoma under the acutely dura mater, (VM) leader TARU (46) on the 1st, you interview inside capital. Before the playing at the waiting room [heito] it became quarrel, it revealed the fact that the face is assaulted, participation it stated that you practice self-control in perpetual.
* *
According to TARU now then with Kyushu jungyo of the front series [heito] there was a [za] densely, at the waiting room of the Kobe conference “several departure, assaulted”. KONO which is VM member, Minoru, MAZADA it was in the room, but concerning whether they related, “having been excited you do not remember at all”, that you say.
As for [heito] appealing the physical condition defectiveness after the playing of the Kobe conference, vomiting (concave). It lost consciousness, was carried to the hospital of the city by the ambulance. Is facing to recovery is ascertained e.g., emergency operation succeeds, on the 31st grasps the hand especially and the calling where own power breath has become possible returns and reacts. This day has been shown also the prospect that it moves to the general ward from the intensive care unit in 1 – 2 Japan and China.
Therefore as for TARU which the day attended to the hospital “the companion very it could rub. Reconciliation and intimately, the tournament cooperating. Result it becomes like this with…. Responsibility is felt as a leader of the team”, that being faithful, “you have reflected deeply. That we applied annoyance on the family and the authorized personnel”, apology. After the interviewing, it faced to the Kobe hospital.
The all Japanese Uchida elegance 之 director accepting the request of participation self-control. The [kazu] [hayashi] director KONO, Minoru, in MAZADA circumstance made also that you have listened clear.
On the one hand as for the wrestler because attack to the head is received daily, the policy Uchida pointing out, “whether (assault) direct cause it is not certain”, that waiting for recovery and opinion of [heito] hearing. “Thing plan itself, you have not recognized”, that it does the Hyogo prefectural police Fukiai station of jurisdiction.
With say for the time being, as for thing and VM continuance where TARU plays having become difficult it is certain. The heel and the heel corps which represent the mat boundary, cannot deny either the possibility of going out this way.

All-Japan posted this statement on it’s website (it’s still down for maintenance though):

In regard to the perpetual participation stop of the TARU player because there was request of perpetual participation stop this day, from the TARU player vis-a-vis all the Japanese professional wrestling, we inform about the fact that it accepted that. Being placed in everyone of the fan, it does to assume, worry and annoyance we apologize the fact that.

All the Japanese professional wrestling corporations

So it does sound like there was some kind of altercation as a couple people have suggested today in post comments, but it sounds like we’ll need to wait for Hirai to recover and hopefully hear his side of things. Certainly good to hear that his prognosis looks to be steadily improving.

More as it becomes available.

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