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All-Japan News: TARU To Take Time Off For Now

SportsNavi reports on a rather strange follow-up of sorts to the Nobukazu Hirai (Super Hate) story: Apparently Hate’s stablemate, Voodoo Murders leader TARU, will not be participating in the promotion temporarily. According to SportsNavi, there are reports that TARU may have been assaulted after Sunday’s event, the same event where Hirai collapsed backstage and was hospitalized. An investigation is being conducted by the promotion to determine if these are related. Translation of SportsNavi’s report:

All the Japanese professional wrestling on the 1st, announced the perpetual participation stop of heel corps [budou] [madazu] commander-in-chief TARU. There was request of participation self-control of perpetual from main person of TARU, it became the appearance to which all the Japanese sides accepted this.
TARU in part reporting, collapsed after the playing May 29th and head opening head operation did to before the playing it was announced “the super [heito]” thing Hirai Noboru harmony player, that assault is done.
Whether presently, the assault of TARU directly is a relationship in accident, in the midst of investigation. As for all the Japanese professional wrestling “being placed in everyone of the fan, you assume, that we apologize the fact that worry and annoyance” you apologized.

Nothing about this yet on TARU’s website (ameblo.jp/vm1964), it hasn’t been updated since 5/24. Also nothing yet on All-Japan’s website about this.

More as it becomes available.

  1. 06/01/2011 at 5:49 pm

    Interesting, and unfortunate if that’s indeed true. If I’m All-Japan I give serious thought to kicking TARU out of the promotion then, and as extreme as this might sound maybe even press charges if that’s possible.

  2. LC Workman
    06/01/2011 at 11:57 am

    I read in another puroresu blog that TARU was suspended indefinately. All-Japan believed that TARU assaulted Super Hate 2 hours before the 5/29 event. They were having a verbal altercation. But, eye witnesses saw Doering and Dupree leave the dressing room and it appeared that KONO and MAZADA were still in there with TARU. The words “I’ll beat” coming out of TARU’s mouth and All Japan took that into account.

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