Like in other parts of the world, old veteran wrestlers in puroresu don’t retire easily. Actually, it seems they don’t retire. They just become grumpy old men and keep going. Case in point: The above trio of Riki Choshu, Tiger Mask 1 (First Tiger Mask) & Tatsumi Fujinami-combined age of about 165 (they are all in their 50s). And not slowing down as at a presser today Fujinami announced that Legend, his new Dradition spinoff, will run 4 events later this year in Nagoya & Hokkaido-9/23 at Nagoya International Conference Center Event Hall, 9/29 at Hakodate Citizen Gym, 9/30 at Sapporo Teisen Hall, & 10/2 at Hakodate Citizen Gym. No word yet on if one of the very few active wrestlers older than all of them-60-something Genichiro Tenryu-will participate to make them feel young, haha.


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