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6/2 DDT Results

DDT continued a rather busy stretch with a Union Pro event today, results (at least what I can figure out of course) from Shinjuku Face:
They claimed 490 paid (overflow).
Shigehiro Irie beat ? in 6:25.

Mio & Io Shirai beat Ken Ohka & Cherry in 6:27. Mio pinned Ohka.

Dick Togo & Yasu Urano beat Big Morohashi & ? in 15:08. Togo pinned ?. For those who haven’t kept up with DDT lately, Big Morohashi is the new ring name of Seiya Morohashi, who changed his first name recently after teaming with Big Murakami.

Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa beat Big China Nakahara Tag Team Champions Chou-un Shiryu & ? in 13:30 to win the titles. Takagi & Sawa become the 19th Big CHina Nakahara Tag Team Champions. Takagi pinned Shiryu. Something of a guess on the names of the titles, that’s what my translation came out as.

Genichiro Tenryu beat Tsuyoshi Kikuchi in 7:15.

El Generico (gaijin) & Keita Yano beat Shuji Ishikawa & ? in 17:11. Generico pinned ? after Brainbustaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! For those unfamiliar with him, Generico is a masked wrestler popular on the US East Coast indy scene for his appearances in promotions such as Ring Of Honor & CHIKARA among others. He’s supposed to be a generic luchador.

In a 3 Falls Match, DDT Extreme Champion Isami Kodaka beat MIKAMI 2-1 in 17:54 to retain the title. Kodaka beat MIKAMI at 1:43, MIKAMI beat Kodaka at 11:26, Kodaka beat MIKAMI at 17:54. V2 for Kodaka.

Next up are 3 shows this weekend: A doubleheader Saturday with Monthly Young Communication and a DDT house show at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, then Union on Sunday in Toyama.

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