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Site News: REINA Coming Soon

A relatively new joshi promotion that I’ve overlooked before now (in part because i knew little about it) is overlooked no more-REINA, aka UNIVERSAL WOMEN’S PRO WRESTLING REINA, is going to start getting coverage on the site and I will soon add a page for the promotion. Although they’ve been around a bit longer than this, they started being their own promotion and doing their own shows in spring 2011 and, as of June 1, 2011, have run 3 events to date and has more than 20 events planned between now & January 2011, or one every 1-2 weeks on average. They appear to have a partnership/working agreement with Mexico’s CMLL promotion and have a small roster of 4 Japanese wrestlers (Yumiko Hotta, Aki Kanbayashi, Aoi Ishibashi, Natsumi Kawano), 2 CMLL stars (Zeuxis, Silueta), one Independent/Freelancer who appears regularly (Senri Kuroki) and a midget (Pretty Ota). They are owned & run by Reina Corporation and it’s CEO, Riki Tamashiro, and are based in Chiba but they have an office in Tokyo. Hotta is the promotion’s supervisor and Kanbayashi is the GM.

The promotion’s official websites are at the following URL:

Coverage of REINA events & results will begin with their next event, scheduled for Saturday at Yokohama Radiant Hall.

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