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All-Japan News: More Hirai Fallout-The End Of VM And More

Although All-Japan’s website is still down, or at the very least hard to access due to traffic since the Super Hate story broke last week, they posted a short note that has serious implications on the promotion and factions-Voodoo Murders is no more. The stable has been disbanded and, to make things more interesting, the All-Japan World Tag Team Titles and the All-Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Title are now VACANT. Previous tag champs KONO & Joe Doering & Jr. Heavyweight Champion Minoru have all been stripped of the titles. AND on top of it all, for at least the time being, KONO, Minoru & MAZADA are out of the promotion (the other VM members-Joe Doering & Rene Dupree-are gaijin). At the very least they are suspended indefinitely/won’t participate similar to what’s been done with TARU. Translation of All-Japan’s statement:

2011/6/3 In regard to [budou] [madazu] This day, participation stop of the Minoru player, the KONO player and the MAZADA player of [budou] [madazu] and dispersion of [budou] [madazu] were announced. In addition we deprived the worldwide tag throne of the worldwide junior throne and the KONO player & the jaw [doringu] player of the Minoru player attendant upon that. Being placed in everyone of the fan, apologizes with annoyance and the stripe which is to assume worry it does and the callous deeply. All the Japanese professional wrestling corporations

SportsNavi’s report has more details:

All the Japanese professional wrestling on the 3rd, [budou] [madazu] (VM) leader TARU assault the face of the super [heito] thing Hirai Noboru harmony player at the waiting room before the May 29th Kobe conference, after the playing you interviewed with all the Japanese professional wrestling offices inside capital in regard to the case where the Hirai player becomes unconscious and receives operation with the hematoma under the acutely dura mater, were in the waiting room before the playing and the [tsu] did and you announced that it makes participation stop dealing of perpetual Minoru who is VM member who is in the [yo], vis-a-vis 3 players of KONO and MAZADA. Worldwide junior heavyweight throne which VM dispersion, furthermore Minoru presently keeps together and were made the dealing where each worldwide tag throne which KONO has similarly peels off.

As for this case, TARU and the Hirai player become quarrel at the waiting room before the playing of the Kobe conference May 29th, is excited TARU which the face of the Hirai player several shot assaults. Simply, after that both players are reconciled, TARU has in second of the Hirai player, it was. But, physical condition of the Hirai player changes suddenly after the playing. Losing consciousness, it was carried by the hospital of Kobe city by the ambulance, received opening head operation. Furthermore, still it has not become clear concerning, whether the assault of TARU is direct cause in condition of the Hirai player.

It assumed that, Minoru who is the same VM member, KONO and MAZADA were in the waiting room where TARU assaults the Hirai player and the [tsu] did and were in the [yo] at the point where all the Japanese professional wrestling sides investigated, you say that really also these 3 players happened to be present.
Simply, according to the Uchida elegance 之 director of all the Japanese professional wrestling, “to the result assault of investigation it has not joined,”, that you verify. On the other hand “around the assault of TARU it entered into the stop, opinion it was many”, that but thing, the present condition which consciousness of the Hirai player of those which is not another stripe seeding in life has not recovered yet, you catch the fact which is in the actual place where assault was really done heavily, as for all the Japanese professional wrestling deciding the participation stop dealing of perpetual vis-a-vis these 3 players. Together VM dispersion, furthermore worldwide junior heavyweight throne which Minoru presently keeps and each worldwide tag throne which KONO has similarly when it makes peeling off dealing, it explained.
In addition, TARU requesting the participation self-control of self perpetual, this has become the shape which is acknowledged, but and adjusting to the dealing of the above-mentioned 3 players, you say that also TARU becomes participation stop dealing.

Furthermore, the title match and the like which has been planned in the June 19th both nations’ national skill mansion conference attendant upon this dealing, it includes and modifies also the card of each conference. The possibility that the match make-up which has become modification even in tomorrow 4 Japan and China is announced.

On the one hand, the Uchida director as “such 2 times not occurred in regard to the latest case, hard would like to keep guiding. We apologize deeply”, that again apology. In addition, President Osamu Satoshi Buto (Keiji Muto) appearing in the public place before the Korakuen hole conference June 12th, says that we have assumed that we would like to explain concerning consecutive case.

So in other words, it sounds like the other 3 weren’t involved when TARU assaulted Super Hate before Hate’s match, but also didn’t do anything to break it up or the like. No word on the updated cards, since All-Japan’s website can’t be accessed there’s no way to check yet, but said title matches were to have been Minoru vs. KAI for the Jr. Title and KONO & Doering vs. The Great Muta & KENSO for the tag team titles. There seems to be no end in sight to this, at least not until Hirai recovers consciousness and is able to talk again-no further update yet on his condition today.

More as it becomes available.

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