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New Japan News: Nakanishi Injury Update (Updated)

Before today’s scheduled event, New Japan medical trainer Takeshi Misawa provided an update on Manabu Nakanishi, who suffered a serious neck injury during yesterday’s event. According to Misawa, Nakanishi was temporarily paralyzed as a result of the injury but fortunately that is no longer the case. More from Misawa via translation:

* Comment of three 澤 trainers
Three 澤 “even on the ring of yesterday consciousness breath will have been secure with Kiyoaki, however it is, when the upper body, there was paralysis of the especially left arm, it conveyed to the hospital with the notion that where power of the lower half body does not enter. You took so, already as for the hand it reaching the point where it moves, paralysis the time where you inspect. CT scan, Roentgen and MRI the result of inspecting entirely, in the spinal cord and the bone as for the damage with the notion that where, with the central characteristic spinal cord damage the shank it is not seen. This, there being an intense shock externally to the spinal cord, is that the motor nerve which comes out of the spinal cord temporarily was paralysed. Presently as for the numbness impression of the hand although it is, and so on it moves and it has improved. Also this person doing story by the [tsu] coming telephone, it meant that ‘it is as for the neck however it is painful, as for other things all right’,”

– – Already is the body the thing which moves?
Three 澤 “it moves, however it is, when moving the neck, when by any chance the spinal cord is damaged, because it is not good, once, locking the neck, keeping moving the body from this gradually in state while you slept, with at the stage which keeps verifying that you say whether or not all right slowly the shank”

– – Even in a state where the neck is locked, moving the hand, as for the telephone with the notion that where the shank it is possible?
Three 澤 “it is. It can move also the lower half body,”

– – As for the central characteristic spinal cord damage, it is to be the case which is seen rarely?
Don’t you think? three 澤 “so is. Receiving the damage, if the scar however it is not, that the body was paralysed says in the spinal cord itself, don’t you think? generally it becomes such diagnosis. Also the Akahoshi (law wide) player et. al of the baseball so was and”

– If – only recovery it does, sort life is achieved until now normally?
Three 澤 “as for that there is no problem, you think”

– – Can do also motion and, also professional wrestling is possible?
When three 澤 “it becomes well, there, if you do not look at recovery condition, because now you cannot assert. After all, you think that there is also accumulation from the origin, and. Because it becomes problem of the part, that about which it can cover with the latest wound, after recovering that, you think as the kana where the one which it judges is good”

– – Recovery when around may become, is?
You think that three 澤 “it becomes perhaps story about of several days. While the neck verifying whether at all there is no problem from a state where you sleep, because it keeps causing little by little. It means several days being to that. You cannot call with current point in time, still at all,”

– – Directly, it is not the kind of wound which exerts influence to player life?
Three 澤 “such was not discovered at all”

– – Did the Nakanishi player speak what kind of thing?
Three 澤 it meant that “as for this person ‘applying annoyance, there is no excuse’,”

– Something you said – concerning return time?
Three 澤 “as for the story without being done yourself, the shank. Simply, saying, that the family to ‘and it revives’, we would like to hurt, however is,”

– – Concerning the latest case, as for opinion of three 澤 trainers?
Three 澤 “in regard to the latest thing, it became passive timing and the like, however it is, there is a damage which is accumulated to the prerequisite by any means. As for that doubt it will be, but those which are not. When we assume if of this is thought, method of forging the neck from time of the young man, including also the story and the like of tournament style, unless you must keep thinking, kana? With it does the feeling which is said”

– Furthermore -, this tournament default of the Nakanishi player was announced collectively, also the opposition card of the June 5th Akashi conference and the June 7th [deihua] daybreak conference part came to the point of with being modified.

Based on Misawa’s comments it sounds like the worst is over, but a more detailed forecast on when and if he might be able to return to the ring as well as how long it might take him to recover is still several days away.

More as it becomes available.

6/6 UPDATE: Both SportsNavi & Daily Sports report today that Nakanishi will miss the upcoming J SPORTS CROWN tournament at the end of the month. There is no timetable for his return.

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