They say “if you got it, flaunt it”. That could be good for us tomorrow, but maybe not so good personally for Kana. Yes, she’s quite proud of her big breasts and her “dyanmite body” (that she’s got-and as seen in the past, one hell of a “butt bump”). Just one problem…the apparent stip for tomorrow’s match according to SportsNavi-if she loses to Lin “Bitch” Byron at tomorrow’s SMASH event at Korakuen-got a cold towel & smelling salts handy?-she has to expose her breasts. Likewise, Byron must do the same if she loses. Do I still have you? I can only hope SportsNavi is able to post pictures. Damn, I wish I could’ve been there! Even though I have a feeling we won’t get to see them in all their natural glory…and if I read my translation correctly those are roughly 37 1/2″ bouncy-bouncys underneath that shirt. Niiiiiice. Those alone could mean a definite 2350 paid (a Full House) & then some tomorrow!


And if that isn’t enough, today’s presser was cut short when Byron & Michael Kovac interfered. But after getting away from it, Kana held her own short presser at a nearby store that sells all kinds of wrestling goods. The clip’s below, but I’ll do you a favor-go right to about 5:42 for the above screencap and more photo-op material.

  1. Dirk Mantooth
    06/08/2011 at 7:41 pm

    AHAHAHAHA!!! I love how you can see Tajiri wanting SMASH to be like WWE in a little new way all the time.

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