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6/8 Ice Ribbon Results (Updated)

Ice Ribbon ran their usual Wednesday event today, results from the Ice Ribbon School:
They claimed 73 paid. They offered refunds because of the Makoto default/absence (injury).
Emi Saukra beat Tsukasa Fujimoto in 7:55.

In a handicap match, Hikaru Shida beat Meare Naito, Neko Nitta & Maki Narumiya in 8:25 by pinning Naito.

Makoto Oishi & Chou-un Shiryu beat Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi in 11:50. Oishi pinned Hoshi after Miracle Ecstasy.

Chii Tomiya beat TBA, which turned out to be Hikaru Shida, in 10:52. Shida replaced the absent Makoto. But because the Tomiya-Makoto singles match series must be 9 matches, it will resume at some point.

UPDATE: As fallout from the opener, Emi Sakura vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto is the first match set for 7/10 in Yokohama. The stips depend on what happens on 6/19: If Fujimoto beats Tsukushi to retain the ICEx60 Singles Title, the 7/10 match will be for the title. If Tsukushi wins the title on 6/19 OR if Sakura fails to make the 60 kg weight limit (as of today she is at 69.6 kg, meaning that by 7/10 she must lose roughly 21.3 pounds), 7/10 will be a determination match to determine the next challenger for Tsukushi. And there’s something about Fujimoto promising a man for Sakura on 7/10 if Emi wins, and some more info about him will be released every time Emi loses 1 kg weight.
More as it becomes available.

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