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6/9 SMASH Results

SMASH ran their latest event today which includes the start of tournaments to crown their first singles champions. Results from SMASH 18 at Korakuen via SportsNavi:
They claimed 1500 paid (a Full House). Although still clearly not going with the “normal” configuration that’s still good, they’ve improved their numbers at Korakuen each time so far (they claimed 1200 & 1300 before).
Zeus & The Bodyguard (Osaka Pro) beat Yoshiaki Yago & Yuji Kito in 4:32. Zeus pinned Kito after a chokeslam.

SMASH Championship Tournament:
Shinya Ishikawa (Big Japan) beat Yusuke Kodama in 7:51.
AKIRA beat Takashi Iizuka (New Japan) by DQ. Match time not available. Based on SportsNavi’s report it likely went in the 6-8 minute range. Looks to be due to ref assualt/bump from Iizuka.
TAJIRI beat FUNAKI in 7:53.
Genichiro Tenryu (Tenryu Project) beat Michael Kovac in 5:56.
Hajime Ohara beat Ultimo Dragon in 17:20.

SMASH Diva Championship Tournament:
Kana beat Lin “Bitch” Byron in 8:51 by ref stoppage. As a result, per pre-match stip, Byron had to expose her breasts. Didn’t happen. Sorry guys. And I was hoping Kana would lose just because of this! (But in all honesty, I would love nothing more than Yuzuki Aikawa to be in this type of match, just because she has 100 cm/39 1/3″ bouncy-bouncys. Make it happen, Stardom!)
Syuri beat Hikaru Shida (Ice Ribbon) in 11:24.

News/notes from the event:
Before the first match, a video message from Starbuck was played. It was announced that Starbuck would not be able to compete at their Korakuen event next month due to scheduling issues, but Starbuck also revealed that FCF would hold a SMASH Championship Tournament match in Finland and send that match winner to SMASH in August to participate in the tournament.

These matches appear set for the next event at Korakuen on 7/15:
Serena vs. Tomoka Nakagawa
Makoto vs. TBA
Zeus vs. Yoshiaki Yago (not yet official)
Genichiro Tenryu, TAJIRI & Syuri vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara, FUNAKI & Kana
SMASH Championship Tournament (3 matches)
SMASH Diva Championship Tournament (2 matches)

The Diva Championship Semifinals will be held in August. The Championship 2nd round will be held in August.

UPDATE: Some more details about 7/15:
Serena vs. Nakagawa is a Diva Championship Tournament match
Zeus vs. Yago is official and is a SMASH Championship Tournament match
Also added is Ultimo Dragon, Kaz Hayashi & Ray vs. Hajime Ohara, Gamma & Io Shirai

And go to the Ringstars blog (ameblo.jp/ringstars) for a photo of Kana apparently trying to take Byron’s top off after the match to expose her breasts per pre-match stip. With one hand nicely on one of her breasts too…I’d better stop here.

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