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6/14 NOAH Results

NOAH continued their current tour today, results from Zepp Fukuoka:
They claimed 500 paid.
Yoshinari Ogawa beat Masao Inoue in 9:09.

Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Roderick Strong went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

Shuhei Taniguchi beat Taiji Ishimori in 6:48.

Takashi Sugiura beat Ricky Marvin in 4:36.

Akitoshi Saito & Jun Akiyama beat Kotaro Suzuki & Go Shiozaki in 13:40. Saito pinned Suzuki after Sickle Of Death.

Yutaka Yoshie & Takeshi Morishima beat Yuto Aijima & Mohammed Yone in 12:03. Yoshie pinned Aijima after a diving body press.

Kento Miyahara & Kensuke Sasaki beat Bobby Fish & Bison Smith in 16:30. Sasaki pinned Smith after Northern Lights Bomb.

Atsushi Aoki, Takuma Sano & Yoshihiro Takayama beat Genba Hirayanagi, KENTA & Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 22:29. Takayama pinned Hirayanagi after a running kneelift.

Tomorrow is the only off day of the first 2/3 of the tour. They’ll then run 4 of the next 5 days (3 in a row to start) before going every other day until the end of the tour.

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