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6/18 New Japan Results (Updated)

New Japan’s annual post-BOSJ June blowout event is underway, in-progress results from DOMINION 6.18 at Osaka Prefectural Gym:
They claimed 6200 paid (a Full House).
Koji Kanemoto beat Hiromu Takahashi in 3:04.

Brian Kendrick, Jado & Gedo beat KUSHIDA, Tiger Mask 4 & Jushin Liger in 8:33. Kendrick pinned KUSHIDA after Sliced Bread #2. Kendrick apparently was a late replacement for Killer Rabbit. Or perhaps was Rabbit this time.

Mascara Dorada beat CMLL World Welterweight Champion Ryusuke Taguchi in 8:26 to win the title.

Wataru Inoue, Yuji Nagata & Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat Tomohiro Ishii, Masato Tanaka & Takashi Iizuka in 9:12. Nagata pinned Ishii with a backdrop hold.

Yujiro Takahashi beat Tetsuya Naito in 11:12.

Kota Ibushi beat IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Prince Devitt in 13:49 to win the title. Ibushi becomes the 61st IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Ibushi has finally reached the real big time, this may be even bigger than when he won the KO-D Openweight Title in DDT. Devitt’s very impressive reign is over at just hours short of 1 year, but surely this won’t be the last time the Irishman holds the title, his first reign was the 4th-longest ever and tied for 3rd-most successful defenses. But for now the “Independent Genius” once again gets a chance to live up to his nickname, and we might even see some title matches in DDT once again.

Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki beat Satoshi Kojima & Makabe in 12:39. Suzuki pinned Kojima after a Gotch-style pieldriver.

IWGP Intercontinental Champion MVP beat Toru Yano in 10:50 to retain the title. V1 for MVP.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Karl Anderson & Giant Bernard beat GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Takuma Sano & Yoshihiro Takayama (NOAH) in 12:03 to retain the IWGP Titles and win the GHC Titles. Anderson & Bernard become the 22nd GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Bernard pinned Sano. IWGP V8 for the champs. Wow. I absolutely did not expect either team to walk out with both titles! I think this sends a clear message to Tokyo Sports-don’t f**k up again this year with the year-end awards. Plain and simple, this solidifies Bad Intentions as the top tag team in Japan right now, and maybe all of wrestling. And will certainly re-ignite the New Japan-NOAH rivalry once again.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Hirooki Goto in 25:28 to retain the title. V5 for Tanahashi. And the puzzle still remains unsolved for Goto-he still can’t clear one of the only hurdles left between him and the elusive IWGP Heavyweight Title-Tanahashi and/or Shinsuke Nakamura.

Next up is J SPORTS CROWN Tuesday-Thursday featuring the now-annual 6 man catchweight tag team tournament.

UPDATE: Fallout from the event and possible next matches based on the report and also post-event comments from President Naoki Sugabayashi:
After the main event, Giant Bernard made a challenge to Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Title. Challenge accepted. Sugabayashi will take it up with the IWGP Executive Committee.
Sugabayashi also hopes they will get the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title back soon, and he also put over Prince Devitt, but he also was happy with the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Titles now belonging to a New Japan team.
After Tanahashi accepted Bernard’s challenge, Bernard designated Tanahashi & a partner to be the next challenger to at least the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  Tanahashi chose Goto as his partner. No word on when this might happen, presumable pending IWGP Committee approval.
In a photo New Japan posted, we also saw, apparently for the first time, “IWGP Girls”. Yeah, roughly 5 Japanese cuties who got to pose with Tanahashi after his post-fight comments. Sugabayashi hinted at maybe us seeing more of them. I’m all for it, of course.

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