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All-Japan News: Longtime Referee Laves Promotion

SportsNavi reports on a departure from All-Japan today: Kyohei Wada, a veteran referee who has been with the promotion since the early years, announced today that he is leaving the promotion effective immediately. He emphasized that he is not retiring and will remain active as a referee, now he’ll be something of a freelancer when it comes to working. Wada made the announcement at a press conference in Tokyo today, and said that the decision was in part due to his role in the promotion as a referee gradually being decreased over the last 2 years-and this year’s Junior Tag League marked the first time he didn’t even work once during a tour/series. He had cancelled his exclusive contract with the promotion in April 2010. His final match worked in the promotion was this past Sunday’s Triple Crown Title match between Suwama & Yuji Nagata. He’s not taking much time off though, he says he’ll be back in the ring at Saturday’s Minoru Suzuki Produced charity event.
Wada has been a referee for 37 years now (he started in 1974) and, even at 57, seems to show no signs of slowing down. He probably won’t do another interview like this until it’s time to retire-his words.

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