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Coming Soon: The 2nd Annual Puroresu Representin’ Awards!

With August right around the corner that means it’s time for the site’s 2nd anniverary and the 2nd Annual Puroresu Representin’ Awards! These highly unofficial awards celebrate the best of the past year in puroresu, both in my eyes and in the eyes of the fans. For a brief overview of how it works, click below.

UPDATE: I’m going to begin compiling the list of nominees the week of 7/25. It’s not a final list though, it will be finalized after the 7/31 events.

The following categories will be featured, unless noted otherwise there are separate votes for men and women/girls in each:
Rookie Of The Year: Recognizing the top newcomer. Eligibility limited to wrestlers who debuted on or after July 1, 2010, are still active and have competed a minimum of 3 months or, especially for women, at least in 3-4 events. Note that wrestlers who debuted the prior year may be eligible if they missed a majority of their rookie year due to injuries. (This will apply to Soshun on the men’s side, as he missed the majority of his rookie campaign due to injuries, and to Mika Iida on the women’s side, who was inactive for a time due to NEO closing)

Most Improved/Breakout Wrestler-recognizing wrestlers who showed marked improvement and/or had an incredible year after a year (or more) of so-so or poor showings. Note that a wrestler doesn’t have to win/have won a title to be considered in this category.

Tag Team Of The Year-recognizing the top tag teams. Tag teams only, no trios.

Jr. Heavyweight Of The Year-recognizing the top Jr. Heavyweight wrestler of the past year. Only wrestlers who compete mainly as Jr. Heavyweights (<220 pounds/100 kg) are eligible. This category is for men only.

Heavyweight Of The Year-recognizing the top Heavyweight wrestler of the year. This category is primarily for wrestlers over 220 pounds/100 kg but Jr. Heavyweights who competed mainly against Heavyweights or held Heavyweight titles may be considered (I’m calling this the Takashi Sugiura rule). This category is for men only-there are only something like 3 women who could be considered Heavyweights (Kyoko Inoue, Aja Kong, maybe Kaoru Ito).

Comeback Of The Year-recognizing the best comeback by a wrestler returning from long layoffs due to injury or inactivity. This is one category combined for both men & women.

Promotion Of The Year-recognizing the overall best promotions.

Wrestler Of The Year-recognizing the overall best and/or most successful all-around wrestler. For men this will be a pound-for-pound poll, both Heavyweights & Jr. Heavyweights.

The eligibility period this year will be August 1, 2010-July 31, 2011. Note that although voting takes place during that time, performances/results from the annual New Japan G1 CLIMAX tournament WILL NOT be taken into account. Ditto for other events during that time. But if Kenta Kobashi’s comeback goes as planned it will fall during the eligibility period (one week before it ends) and his return WILL be taken into account-if it happens I intend to make him eligible for Comeback Of The Year. (Update-it happened so even if he doesn’t work any more NOAH events in the period Kobashi will be eligible)

For an idea of what to expect, take a look at last year’s results in this post:

I will consider nominations from fans/visitors for specific categories this year in addition to candidates I have in mind for each category. You can start nominating now by leaving a comment in this post, but remember to take into consideration matches and events that happen right up until the end of July (you can nominate again). Comments won’t be approved and won’t appear but the nominations will be recorded and taken into consideration nonetheless. Also note there will be no “Match Of The Year” category here. It’s impossible to see all the matches and thus it would be indescribably unfair. I plan to unveil my initial nominees for each category on/around June 28. I then will perhaps narrow it down a bit but also will, if appropriate, incorporate fan nominees into the final polls, which I plan to post in mid-July with voting until early August, this year I plan to go to at least the second week of August to allow for consideration of events right up until the cutoff (including events such as DDT’s major Ryogoku event on 7/24 & Dragon Gate’s annual summer blowout show on 7/17).

  1. Tsurugimi
    07/21/2011 at 2:41 pm


    -Most Improved : I think Naito deserves this award. I see big things for his future when he wrestles as a face, in front of thousands of fans, reminds me some kind of Mutoh.

    -Tag Team of the Year : Bad “Fuck You Tokyo Sports” Intentions, of course!

    -Jr of the Year : Kota Ibushi, the hotest free-agent in Japan, this guy is everywhere, and Champ everywhere, as a tag team or in single competition.

    -Heavyweight of the Year : I love the first year of Sugiura’s GHC reign, but the 2011 part buried the all thing. As a heavyweight, two guys were outstanding: Giant Bernard, incarnation of the word “Heavyweight”, and Daisuke Sekimoto. The second one won a championship in single competition, that’s why I give to himthe award.

    -Comeback of the Year : Kenta Kobashi. Don’t even hapen when i’m writing this post, but the only fact to hear that he was back was one of a hell new for me, a HUUUUGE Kobashi fan.

    -Wresler of the Year : I have no idea, really.

    -Rookie of the Year : Hiromu Takahashi, love his Misu’s style.

  2. 07/19/2011 at 10:20 am

    Forgive my english mistakes, and thank you for the work you put on the website :)

    Content de voir un autre frenchie ici! =)

  3. 07/16/2011 at 2:41 pm

    Hi ! Will give my thoughts too. However, I only watch NJPW and NOAH on a regular basis, and not many Joshi, so keep that in mind :p

    -Most Improved : At first I chose Taguchi, cause he really had a good year ( and drop his stupid previous gear of his), but then I remembered that Naito had a incredible year and that he is awesome. So yeah, Tetsuya Naito.
    -Woman : Chii ! His darker persona’s really cool

    -Tag Team of the Year : Bad Intentions, obviously. And btw, fuck you Tokyo Sports.
    -Woman : Well, don’t know many of them, and since I primarly watch Ice Ribbon, Lovely Butcher too.

    -Jr of the Year : My heart is between Ibushi and Fujita Jr Hayato. I’ll choose the last one, cause I hope he could catch a deal with New Japan soon.

    -Heavyweight of the Year : There is a Takashi Sugiura rules, so I’ll use it. Sugi is badass, and while he sadly hasn’t done many good for NOAH as a champ, he had some awesome match, and is/was a really tough champion.

    -Comeback of the Year : Satoshi Kojima, no hesitation. His G1 was really nice, so was his feud with Makabe. His new alignment pleases me even more, as I’m a big fan of the guy.

    -Wresler of the Year : I could easily have chosen Kojima again, but I won’t. Instead I’ll pick Tanahashi, who have a amazing run as a champion right now.
    -Woman : Nanae Takahashi, cause she deserves to be in this spot every damn year :D

    -Rookie of the Year : Kinda hard as I only watch NJ and NOAH ( and well, again, no rookies in NOAH ). Hiromu Takahashi has shown some fire in his recent matchs.
    -Woman : Aikawa is a pretty good pick. Can’t make my mind between her or the World Tiger 4, Yoshiko. The first is a future ace, but the last one has a cool heel persona…

    Forgive my english mistakes, and thank you for the work you put on the website :)

  4. Hugo Costa
    07/06/2011 at 8:36 am

    Hi there. I want to give my picks for the awards, so here it is:
    Most improved: Men: All Japan’s KAI, because he went ,from midcarder to Jr. champ and defeated a great wrestler in Shuji Kondo to win the title. Woman: Tsukasa Fujimoto, because she went from top model to top wrestler in Ice Ribbon.
    Tag team of the year: Men: Bad Intentions, who else? Woman: The Lovely Butchers, because they look good in and out the ring and they are good doing so.
    Jr. of the year: Hard pick, but I’ll choose Kota Ibushi, because he gave DDT the biggest achievement of their life (winning BOSJ and then the IWGP Jr. title) and showed why he is the Independent Genius.
    Heavyweight of the year: Hiroshi Tanahashi. Sure, Sugiura may have defended his title a lot of times, but he doesn’t have the charisma of the High Energy ace.
    Comeback of the year: Satoshi Kojima, for his G1 win and winning the IWGP title after leaving All Japan.
    Promotion of the year: Men: New Japan, not a hard pick really… Woman: Ice Ribbon, another easy pick for me.
    Wrestler of the year:Ah, the hardest one… Men: I’ll be different and pick Yuji Nagata, because he refuses to leave everything to the young bucks and still wins tournaments. Ah, and he also won the Champions Carnival. Woman: My vote goes to Ice Ribbon’s Tsukushi, because she was the one that stopped Tsukasa from making a 4-belt crown and became the first ever 19 Pro champion.Plus, she has improved big time, almost to the level of my favorite wrestler, Riho.
    Rookie of the year: Men: Daichi Hashimoto, because even if he is in a massive losing streak, he didn’t back down from every legend Zero-One threw at him. Woman: I’ll go for the bouncy-bouncy, so my vote is for Aikawa.

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