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6/30 DDT Results

DDT is running a special event today featuring Dick Togo’s final match in Japan as he’s semi-retiring today, after this he plans to compete outside Japan before officially retiring this time next year in South America. Results from Korakuen via SportsNavi:
They claimed 1721 paid (a Full House).
Ryuichi Sekine & Tomomitsu Matsunaga beat Keisuke Ishii & Kazuki Hirata in 5:20. Sekine pinned Hirata after a face kick.

Jinsei Shinzaki & Kessen Numajiro beat Tsubo Genjin & ? in 9:50. Shinzaki pinned ?.

GENTARO & Yasu Urano won an 8-team gauntlet match in 8:58, last beating Shuji Ishikawa & Seiya Morohashi.

Ikuto Hidaka, Tomohiro Ishii & Daisuke Sasaki beat Kaz Hayashi, FUNAKI & Yuki Sato in 13:56. Sasaki pinned Sato after Now Or Never. Looks like Hayashi has fully healed from that cut that caused him to miss several All-Japan events and some others over the past month.

TAKA Michinoku & The Great Sasuke beat Antonio Honda & Jado in 16:59. Sasuke pinned Honda after Sasuke Special Segway Xver. 10.2.

Dick Togo Japan Retirement Match: Dick Togo beat Gedo in 25:23. Togo is now headed on a world tour over his final year, planning to visit and compete in at least 20 countries before his official retirement match in Bolivia. His Japan career spanned just over 20 years (he debuted in June 1991).

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