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All-Japan News: Former Voodoo Murders Members Reinstated, More

SportsNavi reports that All-Japan announced today that the indefinite suspensions of former Voodoo Murders members Minoru, MAZADA & Kono have been lifted effective today. All 3 were suspended for not doing anything when TARU assaulted Super Hate (Nobukazu Hirai) in the back area earlier this month at an event. Both Minoru & MAZADA will return on 7/9 (which is a make-up event for the postponed 4/29 event) and work all events beginning with the next tour on 7/17. KONO will change his name back to his original and real name, Masayuki Kono, but won’t return right away due to having surgery for an apparent lingering injury. Out 3 months according to doctors. Minoru & Kono attended today’s presser but MAZADA did not (currently in Mexico). No further updates on Nobkazu Hirai’s (Super Hate) condition except that he is still unconscious. Also no word on the status of TARU with the promotion, it appears he still remains suspended.

More as it becomes available. (This caused All-Japan’s website to crash/overload yet again)

UPDATE: More news from the presser:
All-Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Champion KAI will first defend the title on 7/31 vs. Minoru.

Soshun, the Chinese rookie giant who has been out since May 2010 (Correction, I originally said the end of 2009-that was when he debuted) due to injuries, will finally get his chance to start over in a couple weeks. He will return on 7/9 and face Akebono in his return match. At nearly 7 feet tall and over 280 pounds, Soshun is one of the tallest wrestlers in puroresu.

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