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Joshi News: Gakepro Adds Supreme Advisor (Updated)

SportsNavi reports that Miyako Matsumoto today appointed a “Supreme Advisor” for her Gakepro promotion, aka possibly the President-I don’t have her full name yet, but in my translation it came out as “Sugimoto 彩” and this person is listed as possibly being an actress-I have one such gravure/bikini idol in mind but am not sure if it’s her or not-as usual, if someone can help out with a more accurate translation then please post a comment! No real further details were mentioned.

More as it becomes available.

UPDATE: According to commentors, it’s fellow idol/actress Aya Sugimoto. I figured it was her or fellow bikini idol Yumi Sugimoto.

Also, an interesting footnote I found in the event info on the Gakepro blog: Apparently 200 tickets must be sold to the event in order to pay the “guarantee” for/to The Great Sasuke. As of sometime in the last day or two, they are at only 64. Might bear watching.

  1. 07/05/2011 at 11:23 am

    It does help, she was one of the two names I had in mind. I figured it was either her or fellow gravure/bikini idol Yumi Sugimoto.

  2. Hugo Costa
    07/05/2011 at 10:24 am

    Hello. I’ve been searching who was this new president and I think I can help. It is Aya Sugimoto, a Japanese actress\gravure idol that among other roles, portrayed Queen Beryl on the live-action version of Sailor Moon. It seems that she developed a interest on pro-wrestling and was very happy that Miyako appointed her as the “President”. I hope this little tidbit helps you. By the way, great website, it is a great source for puroresu news of every big (and small) companies of Japan, good job.

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