“I’m Rick James And You Are My B*tch!” In this case, James would be IGF star Atsushi Sawada (left) and his b*tch is ZERO1 ring announcer Naoki. This photo, taken Friday when Sawada made a surprise appearance at the ZERO1 offices, was captured by a crew from Samurai! TV that accompanied Sawada as he petitioned to be the final entrant into this year’s Fire Festival. Unfortunately for Naoki, he was the only person there. And this transpired according to ZERO1 USA:

When Oki said he had received no official information of notice from the NWA he wasn’t sure what to make of Sawada’s claims.

Sawada flew into a rage and assaulted Oki:

“You dare feign ignorance? Try reading this letter first, my representation of the NWA has been decided! I am the NWA Heritage champion, announce my participation immediately!”

Oki then convened an emergency meeting of the ZERO1 Fire Festival executive committee in the afternoon and contacted the NWA-PPF who confirmed Sawada’s claim as their representative. The NWA then sent an identical versions of Sawada’s letter to ZERO1 President Shinjiro Otani as proof of their decision.

And so it was and Sawada fills out Fire Festival. The blocks were to have been announced Sunday, I’ll pass them along once I know them.

(Photo-ZERO1 USA)

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