Ah, those crazy Japanese entertainers…in one of the first news tidbits of  Japan’s Wednesday morning from Daily Sports (and subsequently picked up by SportsNavi), the crazy dude on the left is popular entertainer KICK☆, who also was a one-time MMA fighter, having fought in DEEP in December 2009. Evidently this guy’s done some action movies which are going on sale in a DVD box set and were featured at a promo event today, and announced he was engaged to “a certain woman”…which, much to my initial shock, turned out to be one Yuzuki Aikawa. But evidently he really wasn’t in love with the former bikini idol, and in the end got good-naturedly Yuzupon Kicked for his trouble. But that’s a hell of a great promo pose! And funny too.

(Photo-Daily Sports)

  1. 07/06/2011 at 5:47 pm

    That is very true…at least they got Yuzuki and not Shinya Aoki, that definitely could’ve been NSFW and something I sure wouldn’t have posted!

  2. Hugo Costa
    07/06/2011 at 8:42 am

    I guess Miss bouncy-bouncy told him to bounce off… Haha. There are MMA fighters in Japan that have some loose screws, that is for sure.

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