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7/7 Ice Ribbon Results

Ice Ribbon has been running a series of daily special events this week in Miyagi Prefecture, the area hardest hit by the 3/11 earthquake & tsunami. Ringstars covered today’s event, which I believe was the final event of the tour, results from today’s event held in an outdoor area outside Ishimaki High School:
They didn’t announce attendance. But based on pictures taken & posted by Ringstrs my best guess would be somewhere in the 70s (it was a free event). A lot of elementary school kids (mostly girls) in the crowd.
The event began with traditional player intros including Miyagi natives Mochi Miyagi & Tsukasa Fujimoto, as well as Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, who was in Sendai when the earthquake hit. A classroom section then followed where the children in attendance got to try a couple of moves-namely chops-on some of the wrestlers.

All the matches were held on gym mats, there was no actual ring setup and no ropes.
Tsukushi beat Hamuko Hoshi in 5:37.

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi beat Yoshiaki Fujiwara in 5:25 by submission.

Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikaru Shida beat Emi Sakura & Mochi Miyagi in 13:11. Fujimoto pinned Miyagi after a missile kick. After the match, Fujimoto addressed the crowd and discussed how she was crying after the earthquake hit (she bean crying at this point too) but today she was very happy to be able to see everyone, and she thanked everyone from coming out. Candy & colored signs were given out afterwards.

They return to Saitama now for Saturday’s school event, then they make their first trip to Yokohama Sunday.

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