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Dragon Gate USA News Roundup (7/7)

Dragon Gate USA sent out it’s latest email newsletter today, news & notes from it:
The return date for Revere, MA is November 11. Tickets go on sale Monday.

This week’s Weekly Special is also running: If you spend at least $50 on ANYTHING in the store except 11/13 tickets and shipping charges, you will get $10 off. Spend $75 and the rebate goes to $20. Spend over $100 and the rebate is $30! The rebate is issued shortly after your order-you’ll initially be charged full price but you’ll soon get your discount. The deal includes DVDs, gear, other stuff and tickets for the September events. The sale runs through Wednesday.

2 title matches for the September events should be finalized next week. One has been confirmed as Open The United Gate Champions Masato Yoshino & Pac vs. Ricochet & TBA for the titles. TBA will be Ricochet’s choice. The other, which should be finalized next week at the latest, is expected to be Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO vs. CIMA for the title.

Also expect some AR Fox vs. D.U.F. matches in September and probably a Naruki Doi vs. Johnny Gargano match.

The next PPV premieres on 7/29.

If you want to subscribe to the newsletter and get breaking news like this BEFORE it hits the DGUSA website, sign up for FREE at dgusa.tv. They won’t spam you or anything like that, the worst they’ll do is also send you EVOLVE newsletters.

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