This post has ABSOUTELY NOTHING to do with puroresu, but because of the involved parties I have to pass it along if you haven’t heard…yes, that is George Lucas on the right, while the fine young thing he’s got his arm around is his daughter Amanda-who apparently is strong with the Dark Side of The Force-she’s an MMA fighter. After what might’ve been a couple false starts (planned fights falling through, not really her fault), SportsNavi reports Amanda Lucas is headed to Japan for the first time to compete on the DEEP 55 “Fight For Japan” event on 8/26 at Korakuen, which also may be the promotion’s 10th Anniversary event (it was founded in 2001). Amanda, 30, is 1-1 in her brief career but hasn’t fought since Novermber 2009. She lost her debut in May 2008 (TKO’d late in fight) but won her last fight by decision. Opponent TBA. May The Force Be With Her. (Yeah, I’m a huge Star Wars fanboy, the real other reason I posted this) And doesn’t she kinda look like an American Yuzuki Aikawa? I mean, surely those bouncy-bouncys are going to get a lot of attention, haha.


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