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Joshi/MMA News: Not A Good Joshi Day In Jewels

The popular Jewels MMA promotion is running their 15th event today, as usual several current & former wrestlers participated and unfortunately all leave with losses. First up was JWP star Hanako Nakamori, who fought in a Jewels Kick Rule fight (more akin to kickboxing than MMA). She lost to-I’m taking a guess on this name-Chikako WSR in a 3-round fight by unanimous decision, 2 30-28s and 1 30-27. Later on in a Jewels rules fight, former wrestler-turned-fighter Esui lost to HIROKO by submission at 2:20 of round 2. Finally, there would be no revenge for Mika Nagano-in a rematch of her MMA debut fight she once again lost to Megumi Fujii, still widely considered to be the #1 P4P women’s MMA fighter in the world. The only difference this time was Mika did not get submitted, but she still dropped a unanimous decision to “Mega Megu”. Nagano falls to 8-5 career and only 2-3 since a 5-fight win streak. Fujii improves to 23-1 career although in many peoples’ eyes she is still/should be 24-0 because her only loss was what many feel was a “screwjob” split decision in Bellator to Zolia Frausto-the majority consensus was that Fujii won the fight. By the way, Fujii is still under contract to Bellator but the promotion gave her permission to return to Japan to take this fight.

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