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Note On Lateness Of 7/10 Results


A quick apology for the lateness of posting most of the 7/10 results (I haven’t gotten them all yet), there was a cable (and thus internet) outage in my neighborhood late Saturday night and service was not restored until just minutes before this post. I got on at a computer lab near my job to post earlier today, I will try and catch up over the next day or so but it may be until midday tomorrow, I have an overnight shift at my job tonight (9 PM-roughly 4 AM…at least I’m getting a free late-night meal and one of the bosses overseeing it is kinda cute!) and need to get some extra rest for that. So again, my apologies for the lateness of results and relevant delays in updating pages & other info, I will try to get caught up by Thursday-my work hours are finally going up so updates on work days (currently my usual “off days” are Tuesday & Thursday) may not be up until after 6 PM ET. Thanks in advance for your patience.

“He growing hoarse in apologizing, as to say annoyance being applied understanding you would like to grant, pile up ask. No soldier/finishing acknowledgement we ask may”.

UPDATE: Pretty much caught up, I think I’m now only missing DDT results, which haven’t been posted yet by DDT anyway.