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Site News: Some Possible Changes/Ideas For The Future

First up, as the Japanese sites always say, “Always supporting the Puroresu Representin’, thank you truly”. With the site about to turn 2, I’ve been thinking of a couple changes to possibly make to the site-nothing bad, just some ways to possibly build on what’s already here. The first one is more of a poll: Normally as you may have noticed, I don’t cover Japanese MMA unless a wrestler is fighting (namely Mika Nagano but also a few others). I’ve thought about maybe doing more of it, at least with regards to results-not only Jewels but the other “big” MMA promotions in Japan-DREAM, World Victory Road Sengoku, DEEP, Pancrase & Shooto. No UFC or Strikeforce unless they were to do an event in Japan (a possibility for UFC-maybe in 2012), ditto for Bellator unless it’s Megumi Fujii fights. No plans for K-1 coverage. I”ve put up a poll below to see if there’s enough interest and if there is I’ll try and expand on it.
The other thing I’m thinking about doing if I can make it work is a podcast as a companion to the website. It likely would be in audio format-I do have a webcam but I can’t seem to record myself doing video with it, but I can maybe do audio. I’m going to fiddle with it and some freeware I downloaded recently and if I can make it work (without it hopefully sounding unlistenable, haha) I’ll see what I can do there. It would mostly expand on the site, mainly talking about and commenting on news & results, discussing upcoming events, maybe some feedback, etc. I already know of a site where I could upload audio files and hotlink here, and iTunes is certainly a possibility if I can make that work.

Here’s the aforementioned poll:

You can vote only once in this poll.

Thank you for your feedback!

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