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Site News: Idea Updates & Poll Results

Well, enough time has passed since I put up a poll asking if people wanted to see more Japanese MMA coverage on the site and so I’m going to close the poll with these results…wow, not Japanese MMA fans, are we? 60% of those who voted said no. Only 15% said yes. 25% said keep as is. So I’m just going to keep it as is, which means I’ll only cover it when current/former wrestlers are fighting, which usually means women’s fights (primarily Jewels) unless one of the more notable male fighters now wrestling gives it a go again. No, Josh Barnett and Bob Sapp don’t count, haha. Thanks to all who voted and provided feedback.
I also mentioned I’d been thinking about trying to do a podcast…eveidently trying to record audio with the mic on my webcam, and namely finding programs that can actually record it easily (Sound Recorder doesn’t count), is a lot harder than I thought, so that’s on hold. I thought I found such a program, but passing a chemistry class in high school/college would be easier for me (and that was one of my worst subjects). It’s not dead, but I can’t afford a “real” microphone right now so it’s probably on the back burner. Still something I’d like to do at some point.
Thanks again for your continuing support of the site!

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