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Video: Sapp vs. Kakutani (4/28/11)

Despite it’s apparent popularity, IGF tends to be ridiculed by some, myself included at times, because although it’s a wrestling promotion it seems to be more a refuge for MMA fighters and bad attempts at hybrid shootfighting/wrestling. Then again Antonio Inoki always seemed to favor MMA fighters over wrestlers over the last decade or so, right up until he gave up control of New Japan. IGF also features some kickboxing matches, or very bad attempts at it as you’ll see in today’s “comedy relief” video…despite not being the fighter/wrestler he once was, former NFL player Bob Sapp is a hugely popular star in Japan because of his charisma and ridiculously funny commercials, and still makes semi-regular appearances for matches (he’ll work next week’s DDT annual blowout event against Danshoku Dieno, which will not be pretty). IGF is one of his regular stops, and on the April JCB Hall card he faced Masayoshi Kakutani in a Kickboxing Rules match, which is 3 2-3 minute rounds. There are only 2 really good things about this match: It’s quite short and the TV commentators were joined by the legendary Masa Chono for this match. The clip is below, skip to close to the 5 minute mark for the actual match start, then enjoy and have a few laughs at how “bad” this fight is. And hope Josh Barnett vs. Jerome LeBanner for the Super Luxurious 200 Million Yen Belt isn’t much worse.

  1. Hugo Costa
    07/17/2011 at 11:41 am

    It is fantastic how non-comedy promotions can put on such funny (as in a “it is so bad that you can’t help but laugh” way) matches. I saw Sapp and Dieno’s conference on DDT and it was pretty much NFSW (mostly Dieno doing it though). Plus one of the greatest DDT wrestlers, the doll, er, man (or woman, I don’t know) YOSHIHIKO was watching from a distance, after announcing his entrance on the Ironman battle royal. That match just got a whole lot better, because we may see the doll getting a Yuzupon Kick too!

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