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7/18 REINA Results

REINA ran their 8th event yesterday, results from Itabashi Green Hall:
They claimed 198 paid (sellout).
They debuted a new ring announcer at the event. Can’t quite figure out her name from translations yet but she looks to be a gravure idol from Nara Prefecture and a graduate of Ritsumeikan University who majored in economics. She stands about 5’1 1/2″, 86 cm bust (34″) and is rather cute. If you have to know more (and I know you do, guys!), here’s her official website:
She’s also on Twitter at manpuku_sumire.

Now then…
Kaori Yoneyama beat Yagami Aoi in 5:58.

Mika Iida beat ? in 7:50.

Tomoka Nakagawa & Zeuxis beat Aki Kanbayashi & Senri Kuroki in 11:37. Zexis pinned Kuroki after an avalanche-type brainbuster.

Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Mia Imu in 15:07.

Ayumi Kurihara & Ray beat Silueta & ? in 15:01. Ray pinned ? after a moonsault press. The unknown wrestler is a Mexican wrestler. This one got a little ugly afterwards as the wrestlers continued brawling, in part thanks to Zeuxis provoking the Japanese wrestlers by claiming the Mexican wrestlers were better, even mentioning their boss, “La Commandante”. That brought out REINA boss Yumiko Hotta. It all ended soon afterwards but according to Ringstars there were still some slightly headed post-event comments backstage. But not all bad-after the event Hotta interrupted Kuroki’s post-match comments to inform her that Kuroki was now an official member of REINA.

  1. 07/20/2011 at 7:14 am

    The announcer’s name is Sumire Yoshino. She’s an oogui (heavy eater – a kind of competitive eater) idol.

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