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Dragon Gate News: US Indy Participation This Weekend

A handful of Dragon Gate stars are scheduled to be in the US this coming weekend for Sunday’s Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG) 8 event on Saturday in Reseda, CA. Currently listed on the card are CIMA, Ricochet & Pac as well as former DG stars The Young Bucks and occasional DG participant El Generico, as well as Roderick Strong, who makes occasional appearance in NOAH. PWG, one of the top California indy promotions (they also ran in Europe a couiple times in 2006 & 2007), was one of the promotions that Akira Tozawa frequently competed in during his one-year training excursion to the US that wrapped up recently, and in fact Tozawa, although not on this card, is a reason some of the DG guys are on the card. This news item from PWG’s website (prowrestlingguerilla.com/news) tells the story:

North Hollywood, CA – As if Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s eighth anniversary event, EIGHT, wasn’t already special enough, we have a late addition to the lineup that makes things a little more noteworthy: Dragon Gate’s CIMA will be making his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla return on July 23, 2011 at EIGHT!

It was just a few weeks ago at All Star Weekend 8 that the fans of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla bid farewell to Akira Tozawa, the Dragon Gate star that was on a one year learning excursion in the United States. While his fans, and most of his fellow wrestlers, were more than willing to give the respect and thanks due to Tozawa for his contributions to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in the last year, two men were a bit… reluctant. In fact, the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team Champions Matt and Nick Jackson were so offended by what they felt as Akira Tozawa stealing the spotlight from the world’s premiere tag team that they attacked Tozawa after his tough tag team contest with the RockNES Monsters. Though Chris Hero and Kevin Steen were eventually able to run off The Young Bucks, the lack of respect from the champions was clear. To make matters worse, the Bucks were telling everyone that would listen, and many that wouldn’t, about how they ran roughshod over every tag team they faced in Dragon Gate, and the only reason they left was because there was “no competition.”

Once word, and footage, of The Young Bucks disrespect toward both Tozawa and Dragon Gate reached Japan, the outrage was palpable. CIMA reached out to the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Board of Directors and asked, not for a shot at the World Tag Team Championship, but for a shot at the “boys that call themselves men.” Unfortunately for CIMA, the lineup for EIGHT was already announced, and The Young Bucks were slated the defend the titles against Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky, newly reunited as The Dynasty. However, Joey and Sky have had their fair share of run ins with Matt and Nick Jackson in the past, and knew just how easily the Bucks can get under someone’s skin, so they graciously stepped aside to allow CIMA to take aim at The Young Bucks in a non-title match! The Dynasty will receive their title shot at the next Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event.

One part of the plan was complete for CIMA, but he still needed a partner. Akira Tozawa would be a natural choice, but having just recently returned to Japan, and fighting tooth and nail with Shingo Takagi means he would be unable to return. But if not Tozawa, why not his tag team partner, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen? Though Steen is already slated to face “The Man That Gravity Forgot” PAC, he has agreed to team with CIMA to not only defend the honor of his friend Akira Tozawa, but to also get his hands around the scrawny little necks of The Young Bucks one more time. Once again, Kevin Steen will be wrestling twice in the same night out of not just love of the sport, but also for the love of beating people up. Perhaps it’s time to change his nickname to “Mr. The Hardest Working Man in Professional Wrestling?”

The Young Bucks, for those who don’t know, were released recently by TNA but it’s not known if they’ll return to Dragon Gate now or in the future. Matches featuring DG talent:
PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. CIMA & Kevin Steen in a NON-TITLE match
Ricochet & El Generico vs. Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong
Pac vs. Kevin Steen
No, it apparently isn’t a typo-Steen is scheduled to be in 2 matches. It could have something to do with Low Ki pulling out. Personal reasons.

I’ll post results when they become available, which hopefully will be sometime Sunday (bell time is 11 PM ET Saturday). In the meantime, you can get more info about the event and PWG at their official website, prowrestlingguerilla.com.

  1. 07/20/2011 at 6:00 pm

    Hopefully he can handle it, the Ki pullout was the first I heard of this event and I only paid attention because of the DG guys.

  2. R
    07/20/2011 at 12:04 pm

    Actually, Steen was going to wrestle both matches all along. The Ki pullout happened well after that had already been decided.

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