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Dragon Gate USA News: Several September Matches Set

Dragon Gate USA sent out it’s latest email newsletter today, the latest news out of it:
Several big September matches have been signed, and some interesting ones too: First up for 9/9 is the first-ever Captains Match: Pac, Rich Swann & AR Fox vs. Ricochet, CIMA & Akira Tozawa. The captains are Pac & Ricochet. Here’s the catch: Unlike a typical tag team match or Captains Fall match, only the captain can score the winning pinfall, meaning it’ll only end if Pac or Ricochet scores the pin or submission.
Added to 9/10 is Pac vs. Ricochet. This will be their first singles match in the US, all their prior ones have been in Japan. At this time it’s a NON-TITLE match but if Pac remains Open The Brave Gate Champion this might change.
The 9/11 main event is set: Open The Twin Gate Champions CIMA & Ricochet vs. Open The United Gate Champions Pac & Masato Yoshino for the titles. BOTH titles. One team is leaving Milwaukee as double champions.
This is all part of a Pac vs. Ricochet series over the 3 events as it’s becoming one of the hottest rivalries in Dragon Gate.

More on the September events as it becomes available.

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