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Video: Narumiya & Matsumoto vs. Hoshi & Miyagi (5/5/11)

Ice Ribbon videos, at least actual matches, seem to be very hard to find on YouTube and the net (excluding 19 Pro broadcasts), so when I just saw this one I pounced. It’s a short one but a nice intro to the promotion-this is a tag team match from GOLDEN RIBBON 2011, Ice Ribbon’s now-annual spring blowout event at Korakuen on 5/5, and as you’ll see at the start there’s lots of cuteness & sexiness here as the matchup is rookie Maki Narumiya & the now-departed Miyako Matsumoto vs. Team Sexy themselves-Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi. It’s a fairly short match, checking in at a little under 6 minutes. Also of note is that Freedoms star and promotion friend GENTARO does some commentary here (he’s also a regular on 19 Pro). The full match that nicely starts with Team Sexy’s nice ring entrance sequence is below. Enjoy.

And as a bonus, here’s another 5/5 clip I came along, mainly highlights from that event’s 1 day tag team tournament…mostly posted because there’s the now-rate sight that is Aika Ando in there too (and that match featured plenty of good comedy wrestling thanks to Riho & Kikutaro also being involved):

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