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Videos: GOLDEN RIBBON 2011 (Continued) (Updated)

Asketh and ye shall receiveth sometimes…I commented yesterday on some Ice Ribbon videos posted on YouTube hoping to see more soon. And I’ve got more today! Here are 3 more matches from GOLDEN RIBBON 2011 on 5/5 at Korakuen: First up is JWP Jr. Champion & POP Champion Kagetu vs. Chii Tomiya for the titles, second is the 1 Day Mixed Tag Tournament Finals (Makoto Oishi & Neko Nitta-who looks better than her profile picture suggests-vs. Makoto & Munenori Sawa in half-Lingerie Muto mode), and finally we have International Ribbon Tag Team Champions Emi Sakura & Ray (aka the masked version of Lin “Bitch” Byron) vs. Hikaru Shida & Syuri for the titles. All 3 matches are below:

UPDATE: If all goes as planned, the main event-Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Tsukushi for the ICEx60 Singles Title-will be up tonight. Part 1 is up, waiting on part 2.

UPDATE 2: Here it is…

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