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All-Japan News: Nishimura Returns Soon, Another BUSHI Coming?

Some All-Japan news:
BUSHI held a press conference at the All-Japan offices today to discuss a letter he recently received from Canada, claiming to be from BUSHI. Translation via SportsNavi:

July 28th (the wood), at the office which is inside capital, BUSHI of all the Japanese professional wrestling executing press conference. You commented concerning the mysterious document of the puzzle which reach in your own address.
22 days of this month (the gold), the all in Japanese office the letter one reached in the BUSHI address. The contents which are written on the letter completely mono were understanding impossible even in BUSHI.
“This is BUSHI. I’m coming soon. From CANADA”
Just simple profile of the person whom as for being written on other things you send and thinks as the main thing. Also BUSHI which passes through the eye to the letter as expected is perplexity feeling. Because to send the main thing the same as by your, has been identified the name, “BUSHI”.
And, furthermore the occurrence which is perplexed BUSHI occurred. Yesterday, the 2nd letter was sent from this “fake BUSHI”. This day, the black BUSHI mask and the photograph of the wrestler of the puzzle which wears the T shirt had entered in the 2nd letter which is released. Furthermore, to the pause when it has been taken to the photograph birthplace BUSHI and simultaneous. This person, it is certain “for the mask man who are conscious by your to be, but uniting by his, fighting we would like to being? Or we would like making the enemy?”With they are the circumstances which yet cannot understand the intention.

But this fake BUSHI, when you look at the profile which is recorded in the letter, height and weight birthplace BUSHI almost simultaneous. From the fact that it is sent from Canada, natural shape consists the presumption, Canadian person, but “because it has not done to Canada, ……” how it cannot grasp the actual condition.
Whether at present time, this fake BUSHI becoming the friend of birthplace BUSHI or it turns to the enemy side is not certain, but “the tiger mask it is to 5th generation and, there being a birthplace, because it is the case that the 2nd number comes out, as for Manet being done is delightful, is, don’t you think?” with, this person reaching, is easygoing. “Glance seeing in any case, we would like to verify being, the shank. Whether I going to Canada, he comes however it is this human circumstance,” that the circumstances which designate encounter as expectation. “I’m coming soon.”With presumes, the air which comes in all Japan is visible fully from the contents which are said, but as expected BUSHI of the birthplace some kind of encounter probably will be carried out?

(Photo-SportsNavi via All-Japan)

Also announced is that Osamu Nishimura will return from his latest absence on 8/13 at Korakuen. Nishimura cancelled his contract after the 2/6 event in order to run for election to the Tokyo Bunkyo-Ku National Assembly. He won election but stated he was not retiring from wrestling. With some schedule adjustments, returning at 8/13 became possible, but it’s not known how much of the August tour he will work beyond that. It starts in Tokyo then goes to Shizuoka for one event, then every event except maybe the last one then takes place in Hokkaido.

The August tour schedule (Summer Impact 2011):
8/14-Numazu Wholesale Trading Company Center Display Room
8/17-Noboribetsu City Comprehensive Gym
8/18-Hakodate Citizen Gym
8/20-Sapporo Teisen Hall
8/21-Sapporo Teisen Hall
8/23-Asahikawa Local Industry Promotion Center
8/24-Kitami Municipal Gym
8/28-Yokkaichi Australia Memorial Hall

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