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7/31 WAVE Results

WAVE returned to Nagoya for their latest “WAVE EXTRA IN NAGOYA” event today, results from Nagoya Club Diamond Hall:
They claimed 303 paid (overflow).
Sawako Shimotsuke beat Nancy Ball (?) in 5:37. The loser here is a rookie who made her pro debut in May in one of the smaller indies.

Cherry beat Mika Iida in 6:32.

Mio & Io Shirai & Kana beat Toshie Uematsu, Ran Yu-Yu & Moeka Haruhi in 14:38. Kana beat Haruhi.

Misaki Ohata & Yumi Ohka beat Manami Toyota & Sakura Hirota in 16:05. Ohata pinned Hirota. Hirota today dressed up as Toyota.

Meiko Satomura & Ryo Mizunami beat GAMI & Ayumi Kurihara in 18:07. Mizunami pinned GAMI after a diving guillotine drop. After the match, Kurihara asked for a singles match with Satomura and appealed to GAMI for such a match. Denied. after this, there was mention of Sendai Girls’ first event at Korakuen on 10/27, and afterwards there was a mention, believed to be jokingly, of Mizunami aiming for perhaps a singles match with Satoshi Kojima. Based on my translation I wouldn’t take this too seriously. They also noted again that, for those who missed it earlier, Satomura officially takes over full control of Sendai Girls tomorrow. Former President & co-founder Jinsei Shinzaki is transferring control over to Satomura and taking on a lesser role.

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