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Joshi News: CHIKARA Result & News

Some joshi news related to CHIKARA:
Quick results from today’s matches:
Ice Ribbon Offer Match (I’m calling it that): Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Makoto in 10:17. CHIKARA’s Twitter says Fujimoto retained her ICEx60 Singles Title (they called it something else), but I’m treating it as a NON-TITLE match for now because it was never officially announced in advance as a title match. I’ll wait to see what Ice Ribbon says both now & in the future before updating title history accordingly.

Daizee Haze beat Mima Shimoda in 8:21.

They later announced both Manami Toyota & Aja Kong participation for a “Joshimania” event in December. If I’m able to somehow be there I will be, but those chances are virtually zero. Still, I’d pay good money to see both Aja & Toyota at the same event.

DVDs of yesterday’s & today’s events will be available TOMORROW via smartmarkvideo.com.

  1. Hugo Costa
    08/01/2011 at 1:33 pm

    No problem, I’m glad I was able to help you with that info about the non-title match. It is good to collaborate for such a great website.

  2. 08/01/2011 at 9:48 am

    Now don’t get too excited yet, they may not face off in a singles match, but that would be don’t-miss and then some in my book if it did! I certainly wouldn’t rule out the Ice Ribbon girls returning if they were well-received (and I assume they would be outside of the comments sections on certain other wrestling websites), and perhaps throw in a few other freelancers like Hiroyo Matsumoto, Tomoka Nakagawa & Misaki Ohata, who have been to the US already and were well-received. Thanks for also confirming the non-title match, I had a feeling it would be.

  3. Hugo Costa
    08/01/2011 at 8:59 am

    Damm, Kong AND Toyota!? I would pay a milliondollars just to see that match (it is a five-star match, for God’s sake!). And since it is a “Joshimania” event, do you think there is a chance that Makoto, Tsukka and Shimoda would return to wrestle there? Chikara is really a “must see” promotion, no doubt about it. And, by the way, the Ice Ribbon match was Non-Title, according to the Ice Ribbon Twitter.

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