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8/2 New Japan Results

Day 2 of G1 CLIMAX 21 is in the books, results from Fukuoka International Center:
They claimed 4500 paid.
Hirooki Goto, Jushin Liger & Ryusuke Taguchi beat Tomohiro Ishii, Gedo & Takashi Iizuka in 9:51. Goto pinned Ishii after Shouten.

Block A:
Lance Archer beat Hideo Saito in 6:42.
Giant Bernard beat Yujiro Takahashi in 8:58.
Yuji Nagata beat Tetsuya Naito in 13:11.
Makabe beat Toru Yano in 10:54.
Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Yoshihiro Takayama in 11:57.
Block B:
Karl Anderson beat La Sombra in 7:49.
Wataru Inoue beat Strong Man in 7 minutes.
Minoru Suzuki beat MVP in 12:03 by ref stoppage.
Shinsuke Nakamura beat Satoshi Kojima in 15:05.

Also announced today was the now-annual May blowout event at the venue, WRESTLING DONTAKU 2012, which will again take place on 5/3.

  1. Hugo Costa
    08/02/2011 at 3:33 pm

    Tanahashi showed you can climb the Everest if you try hard to. Nakamura and Makabe rebounced off their losses, Naito continues his bad streak, while Bernard and Archer (the two best gaijin monsters) prove their worth. Nagata also keeps winning , and Inoue defeats Strong Man in seven minutes!? And MVP was put to sleep (now that is a Irreversible Crisis, Montel…) by the number one bastard known as Suzuki. The G1 continues…

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