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8/3 Dragon Gate Results

Dragon gate began the annual Summer Adventure Tag Tournament Wednesday, this year opting for a single-elimination tournament rather than the usual league format. Results from the monthly Tokyo big show at Korakuen (the results are rather late because SportsNavi didn’t cover this one, probably because their regular reporter likely is with New Japan doing the G1 CLIMAX this month):
They claimed 1700 paid.
CIMA, Naoki Tanisaki & Kzy beat Super Shenlong, Shisa BOY & Yusuke Watanabe in 3:32. Tanisaki pinned BOY after Libido.

KAGETORA beat AR Fox in 10:21.

Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Rich Swann & Gamma beat CIMA, Naoki Tanisaki, Kzy & ? in 13:29. Yoshino pinned Kzy after Lightning Spiral.

Summer Adventure Tag Tournament:
Shingo Takagi & Susumu Yokosuka beat Cyber Kong & Tomahawk T.T. in 13:34. Yokosuka pinned T.T. after Victory Of Jumbo!
BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa beat Kenichiro Arai & Taku Iwasa in 13:57. Hulk pinned Iwasa.
Naruki Doi & Yasushi Kanda beat Don Fujii & Kotoka in 10:41. Kanda pinned Kotoka after Ryu’s.
Masaaki Mochizuki & YAMATO beat Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito in 22:59. YAMATO pinned Horiguchi.

The tournament continues tomorrow at Osaka Prefectural Gym #2 with these matchups:
Naoki Tanisaki & Kzy vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & YAMATO
Naruki Doi & Yasushi Kanda vs. Gamma & Rich Swann
Super Shisa & KAGETORA vs. BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa
Shingo Takagi & Susumu Yokosuka vs. Masato Yoshino & Dragon Kid

Semis & Finals are Sunday.

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