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Joshi News: Ice Ribbon Star Defects To SMASH, 8/5 19 Pro Results (Updated)

Looking by the title of this post, you probably know who I’m talking about but if you don’t, everyone’s favorite joshi jobber, Makoto, is leaving Ice Ribbon effective after the 8/21 event at Korakuen. She will be joining SMASH. The announcement was apparently made during or after today’s episode of 19 Pro (results below) as she announced she was transferring to SMASH but she also had one last request: One more shot at the ICEx60 Singles Title. Challenge accepted by current champion Tsukasa Fujimoto. That match will happen on Sunday at the Ice Ribbon School (they might’ve done tomorrow but the card had already been announced). Naturally Makoto swore she’d win and take the belt to SMASH with her. We shall see. Sounds like at the very least it’s the next step towards her ultimate goal of becoming a WWE Diva. Seriously.

Ice Ribbon has not yet announced Sunday’s card. Tomorrow’s card is headlined by the International Ribbon Tag Team Title re-rematch of Makoto Oishi & Chou-un Shiryu defending against Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi.

As for 19 Pro, the show returned today after a break last week, results from the Ice Ribbon School:
Tsukushi beat Kurumi in 7:05.

Kaori Yoneyama & Hikari Minami vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto & Makoto went to a 19 minute time limit draw.

UPDATE Ice Ribbon posted these comments from Makoto, loose translation:

“It is the next woman and Makoto of the ice ribbon
With the Korakuen conference on the 21st, making [sumatsushiyu] transfer, it came to the point of receiving
It is truly abrupt, you do not see…

Simply, you are one of your own dreams, the feeling that “we would like to designate the ice ribbon as world wide”, does not change under any condition even now
But as for being able to make current yourself that when thinking whether just it is what…
First you did not become “Makoto of the world and” as for the [te] you became aware that it does not become,
As for that certainly, is not once upon a time and the [te], it is now to be
Now, being more important than something, favorite from this environment even with separated
It decided in from being close to the world where by your aim, concentrating on [sumatsushiyu]
When honesty, other than the thing which joins an organization in WWE, leaving from the ice ribbon, it comes with you did not think even in dream…
You being surprised even by your, you are confused
It is how not to know completely whether from now on ahead, how it keeps becoming, but
The ice ribbon spun, as for the “Makoto story”
Still, it cannot finish no matter what

From something, in ice ribbon…
If it appears in Sakura and has not met,
Certainly, by his pulls still even now and it continued to be being confined
Until from 16 years old it is 21 years old, directly being on side,
You appreciate truly truly

Therefore very,
By your until you become “Makoto of the world”, in the ice ribbon… where it does not return!
Certainly, because you think that is the first favor return.
Then everyone,
How please look at your own life even from now on and, have delivered

Makoto of ice ribbon”

Makoto will work all Ice Ribbon events between now and Korakuen on 8/21. Also confirmed was the Makoto-Fujimoto title match for Sunday. And there may have been a hint something like this was coming-earlier this week the graphic ad on Ice Ribbon’s website for their mobile site featuring Makoto was changed. Makoto was replaced in the ad-it now features Mochi Miyagi.

  1. 08/05/2011 at 10:54 am

    I guess she felt it was a step up from Ice Ribbon, that or she was tired of jobbing. But she’d also been training with FUNAKI & others lately too…and I don’t know if she knows about Yoshi Tatsu in The ‘E, I think he mostly gets Superstars & opening matches.

  2. Hugo Costa
    08/05/2011 at 10:31 am

    I was astonished after hearing this. Why on Earth would Mako go to a fed that has a women’s division with gals like Serena and Kana? That is some heavy competition right there! And how going to SMASH counts as a step forward to WWE? (which is a part that I could never understand about Mako, since she probably never heard what they do to Japanese wrestlers “cough” Taka Michinoku “cough” in WWE) This is one hell of a head-scratcher…

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