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8/7 Ice Ribbon Results

Ice Ribbon ran a rare Sunday event today, and one that got some big-time mainstream attention, results from the Ice Ribbon School via SportsNavi (yes, SportsNavi was there today and it’s currently a front-page story on their site! Mostly a brief write-up on the main event, it got attention because of Makoto):
They claimed 100 paid (overflow).
Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi beat Hikaru Shida & Dorami Nagano in 13:30. Miyagi pinned Nagano after a frog splash.

Ray beat Chii Tomiya in 7:11.

Hikari Minami beat Tsukushi & Kurumi in a 3-way in 5:11 by simultaneously pinning both.

ICEx60 Singles Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Makoto in 12:32 to retain the title. V7 for Fujimoto. Makoto’s plans to take the belt to SMASH with her are thankfully not happening. With this defense, Fujimoto is now the longest-reigning ICEx60 Singles Champion to date at over 7 1/2 months, she’s passed Kiyoko Ichiki’s previous record. Still some work to do in order to have the most successful defenses, she needs 3 more to tie Emi Sakura’s record (10).

No Wednesday event this week. Next event is Saturday.

  1. Hugo Costa
    08/07/2011 at 12:54 pm

    Tsukka avoids the chance of Makoto pulling off a CM Punk (not the best pun here, never mind) and keeps the ICE in Ice Ribbon. She is starting to become a Sugiura in the fact that she handles just about everyone on the roster, which leads me into a question: who can beat Captain Tsukasa? And I wish Mako good luck in her future endeavour on SMASH, I just wish that she comes back to Ice Ribbon one day…

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