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8/7 ZERO1 Results (Updated)

ZERO1 wrapped up this year’s Fire Festival today, results from Korakuen via SportsNavi:
Mineo Fujita & Nick Primo beat Shito Ueda & Yoshikazu Yokoyama in 6:48. Fujita pinned Yokoyama after a diving body press.

Fire Festival:
Block A:
Zeus beat Kenta Kakinuma in 8:57.
Kohei Sato beat Akebono in 6:48.
Block B:
Atsushi Sawada beat Fujita “Jr.” Hayato in 9:56.
Masato Tanaka vs. Daisuke Sekimoto went to a 30 minute time limit draw.
As a result, the finals are Sato vs. Sekimoto.

Ikuto Hidaka & Takafumi Ito (Pancrase/MMA) beat NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champions Kaijin Habu Otoko & Takuya Sugawara in 13:52 to win the titles. Hidaka & Ito become the 10th NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champions. (Hidaka wins titles for the 4th time) Ito pinned Sugawara. Maybe Otoko should’ve stayed in Okinawa. Their nearly 11-month reign has been ended by half of the team who Otoko & Sugawara beat to snap a 2-year-plus reign. In fact, of the last 5 reigns, only one has been shorter than 10 months.

Shinjiro Otani, Yuichiro Nagashima (K-1) & Daichi Hashimoto beat Ryouji Sai, KEMIKAZE & Munenori Sawa in 12:19. Otani pinned Sawa after Spiral Bomb.

Fire Festival Finals: Daisuke Sekimoto beat Kohei Sato in 16:09 to win the tournament. My translation also indicates that as a result, Sekimoto also becomes the first NWA World Premium Heavyweight Champion. This is the first I’ve heard of this new title, hopefully we’ll know more soon (maybe later today when SportsNavi hopefully does a detailed report). It’s not THE NWA World Heavyweight Title though, unless new champ Adam Pearce has already given it up.

I haven’t yet seen results from yesterday’s likely single-match event, but based on the standings the result was Shinjiro Otani beat Kakinuma in a Fire Festival match.

UPDATE: As one of the commenters on this post noted, the title is actually called the NWA Pan-Pacific Premium Heavyweight Championship. The title was created back in March by the NWA as a way to celebrate ZERO1’s 10th anniversary and it’s re-associating with the NWA, and apparently ZERO1 was to confer with NWA Australia on how to crown the first champion.

  1. Adam
    08/08/2011 at 3:35 am

    It was a day or two before the earthquake and tsunami hit, so it’s understandable it got lost.

  2. 08/07/2011 at 6:02 pm

    I somehow missed that article when it was posted, probably because it was right around some Daichi news. Thanks for the link

  3. Adam
    08/07/2011 at 2:14 pm

    The title was introduced back in March, but they just got around to deciding the first champion. This link (http://zerooneusa.com/news123.php) has the introduction of the title and a picture of it. It is dated March 11, 2011. You will have to scroll down a little. Hope this helps.

  4. Hugo Costa
    08/07/2011 at 1:07 pm

    Wow, Sekimoto won another heavyweight title, he just keeps coming back to the main championship picture. And he won a brand new NWA title (which I can confirm it’s not the NWA hvy. title ,which has not been vacated again by the way). Let’s hope that now the ZERO1 hvy. title comes back to its home, and the cheap Sheik stops being such a pain in the backside… Otoko, don’t go if don’t want to lose a title, that is all I got to say about your loss…

  5. R
    08/07/2011 at 11:47 am

    Oh, cool Sekimoto won. I was hoping that Hidaka and Ito would win the titles eventually.

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