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More Various Joshi News (8/9) (Updated)

It’s becoming a busy day for joshi news, here’s the latest via Ringstars:
Sendai Girls has announced outside group participation for their first Korakuen event on 10/27: JWP, WAVE, Ice Ribbon, WAVE, Stardom, Diana & REINA along with some Independent/Freelancers. All are expected to be included in a 8-team one day tournament scheduled for the event. More details are to be revealed at the live talk event on 8/13 where Hiren is also expected to talk more about her now-pending retirement.

All-Japan Women (a newer revival of the old joshi mainstay, not affiliated in any way with the All-Japan) has announced a pretty good card for Saturday at Tochigi Cultural Center:
Kaori Yoneyama vs. Sawako Shimotsuke
Sakura Hirota vs. Mio Shirai
Takako Inoue & Hanako Nakamori vs. Sachie Abe & Tomoko Morii
Pro Wrestling Alive Offer Match
GAMI vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki
Command Bolshoi & Yumi Ohka vs. Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu

A new DVD set featuring some of the best NEO Machineguns (Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki) matches of their career goes on sale later this month. 9 matches from 2002-2010 will be featured in the 4-hour DVD (all matches will be full unedited matches) and bonus content will include conversations with Tanny & Miyazaki. It will retail for 5000 yen and can be ordered via pro-wrestling.jp. Also there is a blog that explains why each particular match was chosen, you can check it out in Japanese at blog.livedoor.jp/neodvd.

Hikaru held a press conference today to announce more details about her new “Happy Hour!” promotion.  It sounds like she’s planning to do events similar in some ways to Yuzuki Aikawa’s Yuzupon Matsuri series, which will not only feature wrestling but also live music & variety performances (likely dance performances, maybe some talk/comedy stuff). Some of the participants on the first event, including all the Diana wrestlers, were in attendance as well as wrestler Jenny Rose. Manami Toyota was absent but a prepared statement was read on her behalf. Hikaru also announced what appears to be a business partnership with Diana, possibly as a sales manager or in some role via Hikaru’s event sponsor, AIB.
Added to the 9/4 event was Sendai Sachiko vs. Jamie D (?) as well as participation of all the Diana wrestlers, Jenny Rose and Manami Toyota.

2 future Happy Hour! events were also announced: 11/6 and 12/18, both to be at Belle Salle Roppongi. There is also the possibility of an October event but no date or venue was hinted at.

UPDATE: Overlooked item from the other day: Ice Ribbon has added a couple more matches to 8/21 at Korakuen. Here’s the latest card:
Hardcore Match: Takashi Sasaki & Chii Tomiya vs. Ray & TBA
Elimination Match: Hikaru Shida, Maki Narumiya & Dorami Nagano vs. Kurumi, Meari Naito & Neko Nitta
DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko vs. Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi
Manami Toyota vs. Tsukushi
I would expect Tsukasa Fujimoto to defend the ICEx60 Singles Title too, but nothing’s been hinted at there.

There also was this YT clip Ice Ribbon posted from a recent school post-event:

The stir-causing interrupting party? Riho. Not sure of course just what she said to cause said stir, but stay tuned. (She hasn’t been too active recently although she doesn’t do every event as it is)

  1. 08/10/2011 at 10:07 am

    Aja might be more attractive than Dump Matsumoto at least. You know, now that I think of it, maybe her best hope would be to be a manager/valet to Yoshi Tatsu, a la KENSO & Hiroko. Might not even get her above Superstars but it could at least mean something close to regular TV time.

  2. Hugo Costa
    08/10/2011 at 9:27 am

    Oddly enough, her new hairstyle is precisely part of her ‘E plan. And by seeing other Joshi wrestlers that compete in the States (like Hamada for instance), I guess it makes sense. Minus Aja Kong, but it’s not like she is the most attractive wrestler out there… (no offense, of course). I just hope that Vince doesn’t mess with a good canvas and ruins Mako’s good looks (simple sometimes is better, I say…).

  3. 08/10/2011 at 9:12 am

    I guess she still feels that The ‘E is the best place to hopefully get some nice exposure, it’s still the biggest promotion in wres…I mean, “sports entertainment” as they insist on being called. And honestly, I couldn’t really see her so much as starting to get over there without getting some implamts of course-that’s not to say she isn’t attractive but how many Divas aren’t “artificially enhanced” in some way? (I woudln’t know for sure, I don’t watch The ‘E now outside of a couple PPVs)

  4. Hugo Costa
    08/10/2011 at 8:57 am

    I think I found out the reason behind Riho’s mic session. It seems like she was disappointed that Makoto defected to SMASH when Mako could still work for Ice Ribbon at the same time while representing Tajiri’s fed. Along with that, Riho challenged Mako to a match before her move to SMASH, working a bit like a Ice Ribbon defender (you go and defend it with all your might, Riho!!!). I hope Mako remembers this after going to the ‘E and seeing her talent go to waste on silly “Diva” wrestling, when she was in a fed where people really care for each other like this…

  5. 08/09/2011 at 12:39 pm

    The Senziyo vs. The World theme has always been a constant for their events, and I can’t blame them for going even bigger for their first Korakuen. Plus it’s Meiko’s first big show running the promotion so what better way to test the girls than like this? Especially considering how much they’ve improved over the last year (Kagetu especially). And hopefully we’ll see all those girls but we probably won’t know actual participatoin until maybe this weekend’s talk event.

  6. Hugo Costa
    08/09/2011 at 12:36 pm

    The Sendai Girls event seems interesting, because it sounds like a All Together event of Joshi wrestling and that leads to a lot of talent mixing it up in fun matches that everyone can enjoy. Besides, Sendai has fought other feds before (like Ice Ribbon, for example), which helps with the connection of wrestlers. I wouldn’t mind seeing this one, I can tell you that. Besides, seeing girls like Aikaiwa, Riho, Haruka and Sari together in the same card looks like the best thing ever…

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