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8/11 New Japan Results

Day 8 of G1 CLIMAX is in the books, results from the second of back-to-back events at Yoyogi Hippodrome #2:
They claimed 1800 paid.
All matches were G1 CLIMAX matches.
Block A:
Tetsuya Naito beat Hideo Saito in 7:25.
Toru Yano beat Lance Archer in 8:51.
Makabe beat Giant Bernard in 12:35.
Hiroshi Tanhashi beat Yujiro Takahashi in 12:43.
Yuji Nagata beat Yoshihiro Takayama. Match time not yet available.
Block B:
Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat La Sombra in 9:16.
Hirooki Goto beat Wataru Inoue in 11:09.
MVP beat Strong Man in 8:18.
Satoshi Kojima beat Karl Anderson in 12:55.

Standings (wrestlers marked OUT are eliminated and have no chance of advancing to the semifinals):
Block A:
Tanahashi: 6-1, 12 points
Makabe: 5-2, 10 points
Yano: 4-3, 8 points
Naito: 4-3, 8 points
Bernard: 4-3, 8 points
Takayama: 4-3, 8 points
Nagata: 4-3, 8 points
Archer: 3-4, 6 points (OUT)
Takahashi: 2-6, 4 points (OUT)
Saito: 0-8, 0 points (OUT)

Block B:
Suzuki: 6-1, 12 points
Nakamura: 6-1, 12 points
Goto: 5-2, 10 points
MVP: 5-2, 10 points
Kojima: 5-2, 10 points
Tenzan: 3-4, 6 points (OUT)
Anderson: 2-5, 4 points (OUT)
Sombra: 2-6, 4 points (OUT)
Inoue: 2-6, 4 points (OUT)
Man: 0-7, 0 points (OUT)

Day 9 is Saturday at Korakuen. The full card (all G1 CLIMAX matches):
Block A:
Yuji Nagata vs. Lance Archer
Tetsuya Naito vs. Giant Bernard
Makabe vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Toru Yano
Block B:
MVP vs. La Sombra
Wataru Inoue vs. Satoshi Kojima
Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Karl Anderson
Strong Man vs. Minoru Suzuki
Hirooki Goto vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Only the winners of each block advance to the finals. In Block A, Tanahashi just has to win out (Yano, Naito). Makabe needs to win out (Takayama, Takahashi) and a Tanahashi loss to have any chance. Everyone else needs 2 wins plus a Makabe loss and 2 Tanahashi losses to have any chance. A Tanahashi win plus a Makabe loss Saturday renders Sunday’s matches meaningless-Tanahashi moves on.
In Block B, it likely will all come down to Suzuki-Nakamura on Sunday, that probably will be winner-takes-all. At least if both win Saturday-Suzuki should easily (Man), Nakmaura will have it tougher (Goto). MVP & Kojima are out with losses, as is Goto.

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