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8/11 SMASH Results (Updated)

SMASH just wrapped up their latest event, quick results from SMASH 20 at Korakuen via SportsNavi:
They claimed 1500 paid (a Full House).
SMASH Championship Tournament:
TAJIRI beat Shinya Ishikawa in 9:27.
AKIRA beat Zeus in 7:55.
VENENO beat Hajime Ohara in 9:32.
Starbuck beat Genichiro Tenryu in 7:33.
The winners advance to the semifinals. Which means it’s Starbuck and a bunch of guys who go by all caps, haha.

SMASH Diva Championship Tournament:
Serena beat Makoto in 13:10. With, of all things, a spear. Haha.
Kana beat Syuri in 13:25 by ref stoppage.
This means it’s Serena vs. Kana on TBA to crown the first champion.

Yuko Miyamoto, Ray & YO-HEY beat Takuya Kito, Mio Shirai & Yusuke Kodama in 12:02. Miyamoto pinned Kito with La Magistral.

Tatsumi Fujinami beat Mentallo in 7:45.

More detailed results hopefully coming later, as SportsNavi appears to be only posting quick results. As far as the tournament semis & Diva Title match, no dates set but, at least for the women, I’m thinking the next Korakuen, which will be on 9/8.

Next event is 8/21 at Shinjuku Face.

UPDATE: SportsNavi has now posted a more detailed report, some more details and fallout:
The event started with a Makoto interview where she put over Emi Sakura. But when it was over, Riho came out and attacked TAJIRI. This all led to the making of Riho vs. TAJIRI for the 8/21 Ice Ribbon event at Korakuen.
9/8 will have the SMASH Championship Tournament semifinals.
Ayumi Kurihara also appeared and announced that she would be on the 9/8 event and claimed she was the #1 woman wrestler in Japan right now (debatable) and she’d have her sights set on the Serena-Kana winner and the SMASH Diva Title. That first champion will also be determined on 9/8.
There probably will be another JCB Hall event at some point in the near-future, but no date mentioned yet.

  1. 08/12/2011 at 6:16 pm

    I think it was, haven’t seen too many details yet. Not sure how often Tenryu jobs like this, let alone work small indy events outside of his Tenryu Project. I’m used to mainly seeing him in the “legend” promotions (Dradition, Legend, Real Japan, etc.).

  2. 08/12/2011 at 11:26 am

    Couple of Q’s:

    Was the Starbuck win clean?

    How often does Tenryu do the job, 1 on 1 on smaller indy shows?


  3. 08/12/2011 at 8:39 am

    No plans to stop unless SportsNavi & Daily Sports stop.

  4. Hugo Costa
    08/12/2011 at 5:24 am

    Photos like that are priceless, no doubt. Are you going to post them anytime soon? Anyway, I still find hard to believe what has transpired between Riho and Tajiri, her lack of ring action didn’t stop her from kicking Buzzaw’s butt when her own master was being put over (those are HARASHIMA’s genes coming into play, I say…). She is on a campaign against SMASH’s craziness! And Kana is also laughing at Tajiri’s lack of popularity with every class of girls, haha…

  5. 08/11/2011 at 4:30 pm

    Yes, she went after TAJIRI. Found photographic evidence on SportsNavi! Sounds like her thinking is TAJIRI somehow “brainwashed” Makoto since her first SMASH appearance last December and thus it’s now led to her defecting from Ice Ribbon.

  6. Hugo Costa
    08/11/2011 at 3:16 pm

    Just wait a minute… Riho did what??? Attack the Japanese Buzzsaw? That is officially the most amazing thing in her short career. A Ice Ribbon\SMASH war is on the horizon, from the most unexpected source… And Mako tasted some ‘E irony (Edge is laughing as we speak). Riho is going wild… Who stops her?

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