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All-Japan News: 2011 Jr. Heavyweight League Announced

After it was mentioned at today’s event by a couple of wrestlers, most notably KAI, All-Japan today announced their 2011 Jr. Heavyweight League, to be held during the FLASHING TOUR 2011. The participation was announced as well, the entered wrestlers are as follows:
KAI (2008 winner)
Kaz Hayashi (2006-2007 winner)
Shuji Kondo (2009 winner)
Hiroshi Yamato
Jimmy Yang (2010 winner)
Koji Kanemoto
Hikaru Sato
Kenny Omega
As noted above Yang is the defending champion.
The wrestlers will be later divided into 2 blocks. All league matches will be held under PWF rules, meaning usual league rules: 2 points for win, 1 point for time limit draw, 0 points for everything else (including double countouts, double DQ’s, No Contests). Only the winner of each block advances ot the finals. If there is a tie, a tiebreaker match(es) will be held. That includes if a 3-way or 4-way if necessary.

The league and tour schedule:
9/15-Aizu Wakamatsu City
9/17-Tatebayashi Citizen Gym
9/18-Nagano Pleateu Comprehensive Hall 98
9/24-Sanjo City Public Welfare Hall
9/25-Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall 3

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