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Joshi News: 2 Returns Scheduled Next Weekend

Some more comings & goings in joshi, actually just comings:
Miyako Matsumoto announced on her Gakepro blog today that she will run her 4th Gakepro event next Saturday at Isami Wrestle Arena. It again will be a one-match deal (or possible impromptu mini-series of wrestlng and wacky matches as part of said match) and will be Miyako vs. Makoto. This will be Makoto’s last appearance at the arena, which also houses the Ice Ribbon School (the day after is Korakuen, her final Ice Ribbon appearance before she’s off to SMASH). There also may be an appearance by Gakepro Supreme Advisor/President Aya Sugimoto. Tickets just went on sale online but Miyako will also have them for sale at her upcoming stage performance on 8/17. Details on that performance at her personal blog (ameblo.jp/matsumoto-miyako).

Ice Ribbon also announced that 19 Pro founder and rising star Sayaka Obihiro, out since January due to a shoulder injury, will return at the upcoming Korakuen event on 8/21. She will face Kaori Yoneyama in her return match. This is on the short end of the timeframe for Obihiro’s return, after she had surgery (this was a lingering injury that she had worked through since soon after her debut in spring 2010) she was expected to be out for up to 1 year.

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