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8/14 OZ Academy Results

The pneultimate event of the countdown to OZ Academy’s 15th Anniversary event is in the books, reuslts from today’s event at Osaka Azalea Taisho via Hiroyuki Nakamura’s official blog:
They claimed 357 paid.
Sonoko Kato beat Nao Komatsu in 9:47.

Dynamite Kansai & Ayumi Kurihara beat Ran Yu-Yu & Hiroyo Matsumoto in 17:21. Kansai pinned Matsumoto after a diving footstomp.

Tomoka Nakagawa beat Yumi Ohka in 9:46.

Chikayo Nagashima & Takako Inoue beat Mayumi Ozaki & Hiren in 14:03. Nagashima pinned Hiren.

Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano beat AKINO & Aja Kong in 17:19. Amano pinned AKINO after Carlos Ghosn.

Before the event began, there was a 10 gong salute in memory of former wrestler Plum Mariko, as this was one of the events that ocmmemorated the anniversary of the former wrestler’s death.

Nakamura also announced on his blog that the next Osaka event will be 11/27 at Matsushita IMP Hall.

Next week is the promotion’s 15th Anniversary event at Yokohama Cultural Gym.

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