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8/15 ZERO1 Results

ZERO1 held a special charity mini-event today, results from the special event inside a shopping mall in Sano city:
As always, they didn’t announce attendance. But a decent crowd watched from throughout the mall based on a photo from SportsNavi.
Shito Ueda & Daichi Hashimoto beat Yoshikazu Yokoyama & Nick Primo in 13:38. Ueda pinned Yokoyama after a doctor bomb.

KAMIKAZE & Kohei Sato beat Shinjiro Otani & Kenta Kakinuma in 15:49. KAMIKAZE pinned Kakinuma after a moonsault press.

Said photo, which also was some fallout/buildup from over the weekend:
At an event on Saturday, Otani issued an NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Title challenge to the champs (Sato & KAMIKAZE), and although no partner appeared to be designated, the champs accepted. The match is now waiting for a formal announcement by the NWA. Daichi hit the ring today to stand with Otani and was revealed to be Otani’s partner. Basically it’s just now a matter of when the match will be held. According to comments from Otani on ZERO1’s Japanese news blog, it could be at the upcoming Shinya Hashimoto 7th Anniversary Mourning Special: 2nd on 8/27 at Gifu Seratopia Toki.
Also announced was a 10/2 return date for the Yasukuni Shrine Sumo Wrestling Hall.

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