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8/16 WAVE Results

WAVE ran the first of 2 “Black & White” themed events today, starting with the “Black” event which, not surprisingly, focused on The Black Dahlia, Yumi Ohka’s joshi-wide heel faction. Results from Shin-Kiba 1st Ring:
They claimed 261 paid (overflow).
Before the event a minute of silence was held in memory of Plum Mariko. Mariko (real name Mariko Umeda) died 14 years ago today from injuries suffered during a match the day before. She was only 29.

Misaki Ohata, Yumi Ohka & Hiren beat GAMI, Sakura Hirota & Ayumi Kurihara in 8:12. Ohata pinned GAMI.

Bambi beat Sawako Shimotsuke in 7:28.

Cherry & Kyoko Kimura beat Toshie Uematsu & Moeka Haruhi in 17:29. Cherry pinned Haruhi.

Yumi Ohka, Misaki Ohata & A*YU*MI (Ayumi Kurihara) beat Kana, Mio & Io Shirai in 16:04. Ohka pinned Mio after a big boot. In this match Kurihara was a heel version of her masked alternate self which was introduced as the newest BD member.

There could be some fallout from this event on tomorrow’s event, which is the “White” event.

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