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Dragon Gate USA News: New Matches, New Faces, More

Dragon Gate USA sent out it’s latest email newsletter today, quite a bit coming out of it:
4 new matches have been added to 9/10 in Chicago: First up is a 4 Way Freestyle with a twist: The match is Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi vs. Sami Callahan vs. Chuck Taylor. The kicker: The winner gets to pick ANY MATCH HE WANTS in the future for his stable (Yoshino for Junction 3, Doi for Blood Warriors, Callahan for D.U.F., Taylor for Ronin).
Second is Chuck Taylor vs. Akira Tozawa.
Third up, at a sort-of request of Jon Davis, is Davis vs. Rich Swann. The September events weekend marks Swann’s return from a current tour of Japan with Dragon Gate.
Finally is another Tag Team Discovery Match. It will feature a team TBD vs. the winners of a Discovery Match the night before in Indy.

The new Weekly Special is on as well: Spend at least $50 on almost everything and get $10 off your order. The only exceptions are shipping charges and 11/13 tickets. You’ll get your refund shortly after your order-you’ll be charged full price initially but get the refund soon afterwards. Offer ends 8/24. There are also special deals on 2-packs of 1st row seats for Chicago and 2-packs of 2nd row seats for all 3 September events while supplies last.

Another indy veteran who might be well-known to a lot of indy fans is DGUSA-bound: BJ Whitmer has been added to the first ever Open Invitational Elimination Match on 9/9 in Indy and it will mark his DGUSA debut. DGUSA is currently taking applicants for this bout. Whitmer was first informed of this match at last weekend’s CZW event. More participants will be announced next week.

More Milwaukee matches will be announcd Monday.

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